Student of the Prophecy

You are one of the rare few who share the dragon’s ambitious goal of understanding the Draconic Prophecy. You wander the world seeking signs of the Prophecy in the land and in the heavens, hoping to find new revelations.

Skill Proficiencies:
History, Insight

Tool Proficiencies:
Calligrapher’s Supplies


A set of traveler’s clothes, calligrapher’s supplies, a scroll case stuffed full of notes from your studies, and a belt pouch containing 5 gp.

Customization: Introduction of the Prophecy
How did you firsts discover to the Prophecy, and why have you dedicated yourself to unraveling its? You can work with your DM to determine the exact details, or you can roll on the table below.

d6 Introduction
1 – A member of the Chamber told you of the Prophecy as he died in your arms.
2 – A member of your family passed their curiosity on to you at a young age.
3 – Members of the Chamber sought you out because you have some small role to play in the Prophecy.
4 – You encountered a Prophecy Mark by chance.
5 – You found cryptic passages about the Prophecy in a book or scroll.
6 – You once saw a dragon studying a marking in a field, forest, or cliff face. After it flew off, you investigated for yourself.

Feature: Discovery
Your studies into the Prophecy have given you access to a unique and powerful discovery. It might be a glimpse into the future, the location of a legendary artifact or site, a revelation about the cosmos or the gods, or the answer to a great mystery.
Work with your DM to determine the details of your discovery and its impact to the campaign.

Suggested Characteristics:

d4 Personality Trait
1 – I talk about the Prophecy at length every chance I get.
2 – I spend every bit of my free time turning over rocks and looking to the heavens in hopes of seeing a Prophecy mark.
3 – I connect everything that happens to the Prophecy.
4 – Nothing can shake my optimistic (or fatalistic) attitude.

d4 Ideal
1 – Knowledge. The acquisition of knowledge is the noblest pursuit. (Any)
2 – Discovery. I will do anything to uncover the Prophecy. (Chaotic)
3 – Hope. Doom threatens this world, and only unlocking the Prophecy can save us from it. (Good)
4 – Power. I seek to manipulate the Prophecy to my own advantage. (Evil)

d6 Bond
1 – I betrayed a friend for knowledge, and I must atone for what I’ve done.
2 – I know the location of an important Prophecy Mark, and I will do anything to protect it.
3 – I lost someone once, perhaps if I had solved the Prophecy I could have saved them. I will not fail again.
4 – I stole a bit of Prophecy from an agent of the Chamber, one day they will come looking for it.
5 – I wish my childhood sweetheart had come with me to pursue my destiny.
6 – My life’s work is my collection of notes about the Prophecy, I would do anything to protect them.

d6 Flaw
1 – I cannot forgive myself doe my failing in interpreting the Prophecy.
2 – I don’t make mistakes, even when I do.
3 – I feel everyone around me is ignorant.
4 – I’d risk too much to uncover the Prophecy.
5 – I’ll do anything—and I mean anything—to get my hands on a piece of the Prophecy.
6 – When stressed, I speak in cryptic metaphors that no one understands.

The Student of the Prophecy Background was designed by Osgood and shared on Enworld.

Student of the Prophecy

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