Cleaving through creatures, DMG p. ?
When a melee attack reduces an undamaged creature to 0 hit points, any excess damage from that attack might carry over to another creature nearby. The attack targets another creature within reach and, if the original attack roll can hit it, applies any remaining damage to it. If that creature was undamaged and is likewise reduced to 0 hit points, repeat this process, carrying over the remaining damage until there are no valid targets, or until the damage carried over fails to reduce an undamaged creature to 0 hit points.

Disarm, DMG p. ?

Feats, PHB p. ?

Identifying Magic Items
Handling a magic item is enough to give a character a sense that something is extraordinary about the item. The identify spell is the fastest way to reveal an item’s properties. Alternatively, a character can focus on one magic item during a short rest, while being in physical contact with the item. At the end of the rest, the character learns the item’s properties, as well as how to use them. Potions and magic items that require a command word are exceptions. A little taste from a potion is enough to tell the taster what the potion does. To learn the command word of a magic item the identify spell is needed.

Leveling Up, PHB p. ?
We are using the Milestone-Variant.

Multiclassing, PHB p. ?


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